Thursday, June 30, 2011

Explain The Concept of A Computer System

A system is a set of inter related components that work together to fulfill a purpose. For example a Road Transportation System will consist of the parts - roads, vehicles- trucks, buses, vans, cars etc, passengers, the staff for ticketing and maintenance of vehicles and roads etc. And the transportation system will fulfill the purpose of carrying of passengers and luggage from place to place. Similarly, a computer system consists of many components that work together to fulfill the purpose of data processing. A Computer system consists of the following four parts:

1.    Hardware
2.    Software
3.    Data
4.    User

1.    Hardware
The mechanical devices that makeup the computer are called HARDWARE, for example, Keyboard, hard disk, monitor, processor and mother board etc. Hardware are physical devices. They can be touched. Hardware device are interconnected and perform input, processing and output operations.

2.    Software
Software is the set of instructions given to computer to perform a task. Software tells the computer what to do. System Software like operating systems are used to manage components and operations of computer. Application Software like MS Word and MS Excel are used to solve specific problems of the user, for example creating documents or preparing Student Result Sheet etc. Thousands of different software are available for use on PC.
3.    Data
Data is the collection of raw facts. Data processing is the primary job of a computer. Computer processes data in many ways to convert them into useful information. Processed data becomes information. For example, during census, data of all citizens is collected. Census data is used to get report/information about total population of a country and literacy rate etc.
4.    Users
People that operate the computer are called computer operators or computer users. Users use computer to solve different problems. For example, in a college a computer operator in Examination Section will feed marks obtained by students in a software like MS Excel. He/ She will perform certain functions and formulae to calculate percentage and grade of each student and prepare a result sheet. This result sheet will show the marks obtained, percentage, grade and Fail/ Pass status of every student.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

What are uses of computer at Home

Uses of Computer
Today, computer is used in almost every field of life. The use of computer has made different tasks very easy for us. Computer can be used at home in the many different ways.
Explain different uses of computers at Home
Explain different uses of computers at Home

Computer has made a very vital impact on our society. People are using computers for performing different tasks quickly and easily. In fact, computer has made our life more comfortable.
 Uses of Computer at Home
Computer can be used at home in the following ways:

1.  Home Budget

Computer can be used to manage the home budget.
What are the Uses of computer at home
What are the Uses of computer at home

You can easily calculate your expenses and income with the help of a software like Microsoft Excel. In MS Excel you can prepare a simple worksheet to calculate your daily expenses and income.
Top uses of computer at home

2. Computer Games

An important use of computer at home is playing games. Different types of games are available. And if you have internet connection, then you can play games online, too. You can download PC games free from many websites. Computer games are especially played by school going children.

3.   Entertainment

You can watch movies, hear songs and find information on Internet. Video and audio songs, movies, TV shows or dramas are some of the entertainment media that can be accessed by internet enabled computer.

4.   Information

You can find any type of information from Internet. You can download books to improve your knowledge. You can use search engine, specially the giant Google Search Engine, to find information you want. Internet is a huge database of knowledge on every topic.

5.   E-Mail

You can send and receive messages and information by E-Mail. You can

6.  Chatting / Instant Messaging

You can chat with your friends on Internet by instant messaging. You can also talk with them.

7. Searching For Jobs

You can search jobs sitting at home and browsing internet on your computer. There are many job searching websites. Most of these websites provide daily Email in your inbox with the jobs postings of your interest.

8. Online Shopping

With the help of your computer and internet, you can buy any thing online and pay by credit cards.

9. Online Banking

E-Banking or online banking is the great facility for maintaining your financial transactions online.  Moreover, you can pay your utility bills from your account while sitting at home.

10. Starting Home Based Business

You can use computer with internet to start and run a home based business or you can use computers for online jobs staying at home.
Write down uses of computer at home
Write down uses of computer at home

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What are the basic operations of a computer

There are five basic operations of a computer as follows:

1. Inputting

It is the process of entering data and instructions into computer system. Input is performed by input devices like keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera and microphone etc.

2. Storing

It is the process of saving data and instructions to make them available as and when required in future. Data and programs are stored on permanent storage devices, especially on hard disk. Other permanent storage media include CD - Compact Disk, DVD - Digital Video Disk and Zip Disk etc.

3. Processing

It is the process of performing arithmetic and logical operations on data to convert them into useful information. Processing is performed by CPU- Central Processing Unit. CPU is also called Processor. It is the brain of computer.

4. Outputting

It is the process of producing useful information after processing data, for example, printed reports for user. Output is presented by output devices like monitor, printer and speakers.

5. Controlling

It is the process of directing and controlling the manner and sequence in which all above operations are performed. Control Unit will control operations and components of a computer. Control Unit is a part of the processor.

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