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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Different Types of Mouse Input Device

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A mouse is a small, lightweight pointing input device. Mouse is moved on a flat surface to control the movement of the pointer on a screen. A mouse usually has two or three buttons. These buttons are used to perform different tasks.
Different types of mouse are as follows:
  • Mechanical Mouse

Mechanical mouse contains a rubber or metal ball inside it. The movement of the cursor depends on the movement of the ball.

This mouse is normally used on mouse pad. Mouse pad is a- small flat pad made of rubber or foam to provide easy movement for the mouse. It protects the mouse from dust and dirt.
  • Optical Mouse

Optical mouse contains no ball inside it. It uses a device that emits light to detect the mouse movement. Optical sensor or laser is used in these types of mouse. It is more expensive than mechanical mouse.
  • Wireless Mouse

Wireless or cordless mouse is a type of mouse that does not require a wire to work. It transmits data using wireless technology like radio waves or infrared light waves. The receiver is connected to the computer through a serial or USB port.


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