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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Discuss Differences Between RAM and ROM

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We have already discussed the topics:
1. What is RAM, Explain Different Types of RAM
2. What is ROM Explain Different Types of ROM
Here we discuss differences between RAM and ROM

1 RAM stands for Random Access Memory ROM stands for Read Only Memory.
2 RAM is a temporary memory. ROM is a permanent memory.
3 RAM is a volatile memory. ROM is a non volatile memory.
4 When computer is turned off, all data and programs are
erased from RAM. 
When computer is turned off, all data and programs are
retained in ROM.
5 RAM is a Read / Write memory. Data can be read and written
to RAM.
ROM is a read only memory. Data from ROM only can be read
and not written.
6 Data and programs in RAM can be changed. The contents of ROM cannot be changed.
7 Data or programs in RAM can be deleted. Contents of ROM cannot be deleted.
8 The instructions and data  are written (loaded) in RAM
at execution time, when computer is working.
The instructions in ROM are written at the time of
9 RAM is used to load data and programs currently running. ROM contains the instructions that help the computer to
start-up and make it ready for work.
10 RAM is much faster than ROM. ROM is slower than RAM.
11 RAM has two main types: Static RAM and Dynamic RAM ROM has three types: PROM, EPROM and EEPROM
12 Physically RAM chip is larger than ROM chip. Physically ROM chip is smaller than RAM chip.
13 Picture of RAM is:
Picture of ROM is:

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