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Monday, January 23, 2012

Attributes of TR Tag in HTML Tables

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Use Of TR Tag

<TR> tag is used to create rows in HTML Tables. <TR> is the opening tag to start a row and </TR> is a closing tag to end a row. You can place pairs of <td>...</td> tags to create data cells in a row within the <tr>...</tr> tags.
for example to create a row with only one cell containing data "Apples", we will use the following html code.and Mangoes respectively:
If you want to create a row with two cells containing data "Apples" and "Mangoes" respectively, we will use the following html code.
Apples Mangoes
You canm also create a header row with the help of <TR> tag and <TH> tags. For example, to create a header row with two header cells with contents "Employee" and "Salary", we will use the following HTML coding:
Employee Salary

Attributes of TR Tag

1. align

It is used to define the horizontal alignment of text in cells, in a particular row. The possible values are:
left: The text is aligned to the left.
center: The text is centered.
right: The text is aligned to the right.
justify: The text is justified to both, left and right, margins.
Example HTML code
<table border="1">
<tr align="right">
<td width="100">Salary</td>
<td width="100">10000</td>
Salary 10000

2. valign

It defines vertical alignment of the text with in cells in a row. Possible values are:
    top: The text is aligned to the top.
    middle: The text is vertically centered. This is the default value.
    bottom: The text is aligned to the botom.

3. bgcolor

It defines the background color that will be used as background of all the cells inside the row.
For example, if we use <tr bgcolor="green">, all cells in this row will have a green background as shown below.
<table border="1">
<tr bgcolor="green">
Apple Banana mango


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