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Saturday, January 14, 2012

HTML Table Tag Basics

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Tables are very important to show data in the form of rows and columns. Tables make data more readable and easy to understand. A table consists of rows, columns and cells.

HTML Tags To Make A Table

As we know that there are basically three elements in a table, that is, rows, columns and cells. So, there are the following basic tags to create a table in an HTML web page:
  1. <TABLE> tag
  2. <TR> tag
  3. <TD> tag
  4. <TH> tag



<Table> tag is used to specify the start of a table. It also specifies some attributes of the table like ALIGN and BORDER attributes etc.
Example 1: <Table>                    => Table without a border.
Example 2: <Table border="1">     => Table with a border of width 1.
Example 3: <Table align="left" border="2">  => A left aligned Table with a border of width 2.

<TR> Tag

TR stands for TABLE ROW. As the name shows, <TR> tag is used to create a row in a table. A row is started by <TR> tag and is closed by </TR> tag. There are one or more <TD> or <TH> tags between <TR> and </TR> tags to create cells.

Example 1: <TR>

1 Ahmad

Example 2:
              <TR bgcolor="red">
1 Ahmad


<TD> Tag

<TD> tag is used to create a cell. TD stands for TABLE DATA. In addition, the number of cells in a row will specify number of columns in a table. The data to be shown in a cell is placed between <TD> and </TD> tags.

Example 1: <TD>Ahmad</TD>
Example 2: <TD bgcolor="yellow">345</TD>
Example 3: <TD width="100">Nasir</TD>

<TH> Tag

<TH> tag is used to create a header row in a table. TH stands for TABLE HEADING.One <TH> tag makes one header cell. The data to be shown in header cell is placed between <TH> and </TH> tags.

Example 1: <TH> Roll No </TH>
Example 2: <TH bgcolor="yellow">Name</TH>
Example 3:
<TH>Roll Number</TH>
<Th Marks</TH>

Roll Number Name Marks

A Complete Table Example Code and Output in Browser

HTML sample CodeOutput in web browser
<table border="4">
<th>Roll Number</th>

Roll Number Name Marks
1 Ahmad 700


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