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Monday, March 5, 2012

Definition and History of ECommerce

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What do you mean by E-Commerce?

Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce) is a general concept covering any
form of business transaction or information exchange executed using
information and communication technologies (ICTs). e-Commerce takes place between companies, between companies and their customers, or between companies and public administrations. Electronic Commerce includes electronic trading of goods, services and electronic material.


+ E-commerce started in early 1970’s with invention of electronic fund transfer(EFT).
+ Only used by large organizations, financial institutions and a few small business at that time.
+ After invention of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) from financial institutions to manufacturers retailers, services and so on.
+ Many other e-commerce applications started from stock trading to travel reservation system.
+ With commercialization of internet in early 1990’s. The term electronic commerce was used. Internet provided millions of customers. E.C applications expanded rapidly.
+ One reason for rapid expansion of E.C was development of networks protocols and software. Other resources were business competition and customer value.
+ From 1995 to 1999, there were many E.C applications like advertisement and auction.
+ Almost every medium and large sized organizations in USA has a website. Many are very expensive. For example, in 1999 General Motors Corporation ( has offered 1800 pages information about products, services and dealers.

Basics of eCommerce

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Ecommerce Payment Systems/ ePayment

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  2. Explain Credit Card Payment System
  3. Advantages Disadvantages of Credit Cards
  4. Difference Between Debit Card and Credit Card
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  6. Types of e-Payment Security Protocols


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