Sunday, June 10, 2012

How To Create Yahoo E-Mail Account

Today, we are discussing the procedure for Creating a New Yahoo Free E-Mail Account.
Yahoo.Com is one of the most popular and oldest Free Email Provider world wide. Yahoo provides many free features to its email account holders including Yahoo Email account.
How To Create Free Yahoo Email Account in Seconds
How To Create Free Yahoo Email Account in Seconds

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We can easily create a new yahoo email account by performing the following steps in the given order. Actually first of all you have to be connected with a fast internet connection. The second step is obviously to open a web browser. you can use any web browser but I prefer Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox because they provide the best smooth less browsing experience. 

So, here are the

Main steps to create a new Yahoo Free E-mail Account:

  1. Open web browser, For example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Always use latest updated versions of web browsers for your computers security from hackers and malware. I recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  2. Type in address bar and press Enter. The home page of will be displayed in main window of your browser.
  3. Click on ‘Sign Up’ link. Otherwise, you can click on Mail option and then click on Sign up link.
  4. An empty form will appear requiring information about you and the eamil account you wish to create. Fill in the form carefully. Enter required information like First Name, Last Name,  Gender, Date of Birth, Country and Language.
  5. Type your required Yahoo ID (for your E-mail address). It must be unique. Yahoo will display a list of suggestions. You can select any one of the provided email id options or can write your own, but remember, it must be unique which has not been taken by any other yahoo mail user already. Otherwise Yahoo will deny to create a user id for you and display a message that this email id has already been taken.
  6. Type your password and retype it. Password should be strong enough so that no one can guess easily and try to open your email account. You should mix letters and numbers. But note that a password must be easy to remember for you. Otherwise, in case of forgetting your password, you will not abe able to open your account. So, you will go through the password reset options under question like link "Forgot your password?" or Trouble signing in? as shown the figure below:  
    How to create a free yahoo email account fast
    How to create a free yahoo email account fast
  7. Type Your alternate e-mail address (Optional). If you have another email account you can write it here so that in case of forgetting password, you will talk with yahoo email account management team via this alternate yahoo email account.
  8. Chose Secret Question 1 and type its answer.
  9. Chose Secret Question 2 and type its answer.
  10. Type the character code shown in picture.
  11. Click on ‘Create My Account’ button. Congratulations! for creating a new yahoo email account which is totally free and you can connect with your friends, colleagues or relatives with the help of this free yahoo email account ID. 

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