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Monday, November 26, 2012

Explain How To Create Hotmail Email Account

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Step by Step Procedure To Create Free Hotmail E-Mail Account

How to Create New Hotmail Account Free
1. Open your web browser, type and press enter key.
2. On the home page of Hotmail Click Link of Sign Up Now on bottom.
Get a new Hotmail Email Account Free
3. Now, you will see a form requiring some information about you. Fill in the form for Hotmail Email Account carefully. First of all, you need to enter your First Name and Last Name. Secondly, select your date of birth.
4. Select your gender.
5. Now,you must choose a unique user name. Type a user name, for example, mahmood.mcs. Click left button of mouse in the next text box named Create a password.
4. Now type a password. This password should be at least 8 characters long and a combination of alphabets and numbers is better and secure. You must remember this password to access your Hotmail email account. Type this password in the next text box labelled 'Renter password' again.
Create New Hotmail Account
5. In this step, you will enter the necessary information for your identification and password reset, if you forget your password. This information will be of three types. You must give two type of information at least.
    i) Your Phone Number
Here you will enter your phone number, so that if you forget your password then you will get password reset information on this phone number.
    ii) Your Alternate email address
    iii) Your security question and the answer you provide.
New Hotmail Accounts  
6. Select your country and zip code or postal code as applicable.
7. Type the characters of text (verification code to prove you are not a robot).
Steps to create new hotmail account
 8. Click on 'I Accept' button. If you have not provided two types of information as explained in step 5 above, you may be asked to provide it.
Create Hotmail Account Free

9. Here you may find an error regarding you did not enter the correct verification code. If this is the case, enter verification code again. Now click on 'I Accept' button again.
10. Normally, you will see a message above your user name text box ( isn't available ). Type another user name. Mostly, you can combine your year of birth, your marks in an examination or your favorite number with your user name.
Hotmail Email Services Free
11. Congratulations! you have got a new Hotmail account. Click on Goto inbox link.

12. Here is your Hotmail inbox.

Got Hotmail Account

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