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Sunday, December 14, 2014

How To Unsubscribe Utunes Service of Ufone

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Today, We will discuss the simple and easy way to unsubscribe the Utunes Service of Ufone. Remember, Utunes service will cost you at the rate of  Rs. 1.55 daily.

easy way to unsubscribe the Utunes Service of Ufone
easy way to unsubscribe the Utunes Service of Ufone

I was using the mobile phone of my son when I saw an SMS message from Ufone Hisaab SMS. The message was in Urdu language and it was informing the cost of Utunes Service Rs. 1.55 per day. The message of Hisaab SMS is shown in the following figure:

 What is Utunes Sevice

 With Ufone UTunes service your friends and family can listen to your favorite tunes every time they call you. You can select a UTune from the content library.
Simple Steps to Deactivate and UnSubscribe Utunes Service

I think Utunes is one of the most useless services of Ufone that is costly too. So I tried to find the solution for deactivation of Utunes service instantly.

Hisaab Do Ufone Service To Reaveal Utunes Money Deduction

How To Unsubscribe / Deactivate Utunes Service

Send UNSUB Message To 666 To Deactivate Utunes
  • Type a new message "UNSUB" and send it to the number 666.
  •  You will recieve a message from Ufone 666 as shown in the following figure, if you are lucky enough.
  •  Otherwise you can call the Ufone help line 333 and ask the person to unsubscribe the Utune service from your number. Normally the person on 333 Ufone Help Desk will ask you that he/she is sending the procedure to unsubscribe / deactivate the Utunes Service. But you must insist so that deactivates the Utune service himself
Utune Service Unsubscribed Deactivated Successful Way


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