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Saturday, May 26, 2018

How To Get Branch ID or Codes of Banks For Fresh Currency 2018

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How to get Bank Branch ID or codes for fresh currency SMS 2018
How to get Bank Branch ID or codes for fresh currency SMS 2018

The SBP (State Bank of Pakistan still has not issued any list of Branch IDs or Branch Codes for issuance of new fresh currency notes to public for Eid 2018.

The list will be updated here soon.

The branch IDs or Branch Codes for Bank branches will be available at the following sites:-

  • SBP website
  • PBA website,
  • On Commercial banks own websites and
  • will also be displayed outside all bank branches those will take part in distribution of fresh currency notes for Eid 2018.
More Over a list of Bank Branch IDs or Codes will also be published on this blog , as soon as provided by SBP. You may visit this blog later for checking list of Branch IDs for fresh currency notes before Eid 2018.

List of e-Branches For Fresh Currency 2018


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