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Monday, June 11, 2018

Excel Worksheet For Calculating Percentage of Lectures Attended by Students

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Today, we will prepare a Microsoft Excel Worksheet For Lectures Attendance Percentage of Students For Checking the Eligibility in Appearing in Exams.

Excel Worksheet for Calculating Lecture Attendance Percentage of Students
Excel Worksheet for Calculating Lecture Attendance Percentage of Students

We will open a new Excel worksheet and prepare the basic structure of worksheet according to the given picture of Excel Worksheet for Calculating percentage of Lectures attended by students to enter data of students about lectures attended and lectures delivered. We will also note the Serial number and Students Name also. With the help of two facts that is Lectures Delivered and Lectures Attended, Attendance Percentage will be calculated by the formula given below:

Attendance Percentage = Lectures Attended / Lectures Delivered * 100

In Excel Formula

Attendance Percentage = =E4/D4*100

Explanation of Excel Formula for Calculation of Attendance Percentage

As we can see in the Excel worksheet's image provided that Lectures Attended by first student are in the cell with cell reference E4 and Total Lectures Delivered by the teacher are in cell D4, therefore, we divide cell E4 by D4 and multiply by 100 to get the required percentage.

Calculation of Remarks for Eligibility of a Student to appear in Examination

Similarly, we will calculate the Remarks with the following formula:

Remarks = Allowed  (if Attendance Percentage is greater than or equal to 80 %)


Remarks = Rejected (if Attendance percentage is less than 80%

For this purpose we will use IF() logical function.

Remarks = =IF(F4>=80,"Admission Allowed","Admission Rejected")

Explanation of Excel Formula for Calculation of Remarks Column

As we know that the Percentage of lecture attendance of first student is in cell with reference F4, therefore we will check that if F4>=80 then the text "Admission Allowed" to appear in examination, will be displayed. And if the given condition F4>=80 is false then text "Admission Rejected" will be shown in the Remarks Cell.

We will copy the formulas in the remaining cells.


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