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Download 2019 List of E-Branches of Banks Fresh Currency Notes

External Relations Department of State Bank of Pakistan issued a notification on 17 May 2019 for Fresh Currency Notes 2019. The details are given below: Courtesy http://

Codes 2019 E-Branches of banks for Fresh currency Notes 2019 Eid
Codes 2019 E-Branches of banks for Fresh currency Notes 2019 Eid

State Bank relaunches 8877 SMS service for issuance of fresh currency notes State Bank of Pakistan, through its subsidiary SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC) has relaunched the SMS service for issuance of fresh currency notes to the general public. The fresh currency notes will be available from designated commercial bank branches called “ebranches” and the sixteen field offices of SBP BSC. The booking of the service shall commence from 19th May, 2019, while issuance of fresh currency through mobile SMS service will start from 20th May and continue till 31st May, 2019.

The service will be provided through 1702 e-branches & 16 SBP BSC offices in 142 cities across Pakistan to ensure maximum geographical coverage. The charges for the service are Rs. 1.50/- plus tax, per SMS.
The branch IDs of designated e-branches are available at SBP website, PBA website, commercial banks websites and will also be displayed prominently outside designated e-branches. It may be noted that the branch ID for e-branch is different from the existing branch/SWIFT code of banks. Under this facility, a person may send an SMS message comprising his/her 13 digits CNIC/Smart card number along with the desired e-branch ID [e.g. 32453-3454432-1(space)KHI001] to short code 8877.
In return, the person will receive an SMS containing redemption code, e-branch address and the code validity period. Redemption code received by the customer will be valid for two (02) working days as per the mentioned dates in the SMS. The customer may then approach the concerned e-branch along with his/her original CNIC/Smart card, a photocopy of the CNIC/Smart card and transaction code received from 8877 to obtain fresh currency notes. An individual can obtain three (03) packets of Rs.10/- and one (01) packet each of Rs. 50/- & Rs. 100/-. It is also notified that each CNIC/Smart card number or mobile phone number can only be used once.

Download the E-Branch List 2019 for Fresh Currency Notes  (Courtesy:

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Get New Fresh Currency Notes For Eid 2019 From Selected Bank Branch

Getting New Fresh Currency Notes For Eid 2019

How to get New Fresh Currency Notes on Eid 2019
How to get New Fresh Currency Notes on Eid 2019
The State Bank has announced the detailed procedure about getting new fresh currency notes on Eid-ul-Fitr 2019. According to the news, the State Bank has arranged an SMS service 8877 for people to get registered in s required Bank Branch through CNIC number and Bank branch code. On successful registration the customer will get  an SMS reply containing Redemption Code, Bank Branch Address and Expiry date.

How To Send SMS for Fresh Currency Notes For EID 2019

People are asked to send message to 8877 along with their CNIC numbers and branch codes of the  bank.
Urdu Procedure to get fresh currency Notes 2019
Urdu Procedure to get fresh currency Notes 2019

What are the SMS Charges for Fresh Currency Notes on EID 2019

SMS charges are Rs 2 plus tax.

When The SMS Service 8877 for Fresh Currency Notes on EID 2019 Will be Active

SMS Service 8877 will be active on May 19, 2019

What Documents and Information is Needed to Get Fresh Currency Notes on Eid 2019

The consumers will visit to their respective e-branches  along with following:

1. Original CNIC,
2. a photocopy of the CNIC
3. and the Redemption Code received through SMS 8877.
    You are advised to visit the branch with your Mobile Phone with SMS from 8877 for handling any       confusion.

How Many Branches Will Provide Fresh Notes Service in 2019

According to the State Bank of Pakistan new currency notes would be available at 1700 branches of 142 cities. People can also visit the State Bank's six field offices to get the currency notes .

When Fresh Notes Can be Received from Branches (date)

The State Bank of Pakistan  has announced that the fresh currency notes for Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 will be available between May 20 and May 31, 2019.

Download E-Branch Code List for Fresh Currency Notes 2019

It is to be noted that the State Bank of Pakistan SBP has not released the branch code list for the year 2019. Consumers can get the list of branch codes from the website of the State Bank of Pakistan
Instructions in Urdu Fresh-Currency-Notes-2019-URDU-Procedure-Complete-Easy-Steps