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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Differences Between Impact & Non-Impact Printers


10 Differences Between Impact Printers and Non Impact Printers

Differences Between Impact and Non-Impact Printers

Dot Matrix Printer - Main Topic: Differences Between Impact and Non-Impact Printers Impact Printers
Laser Printer - Main Topic: Differences Between Impact and Non-Impact Printers Non-Impact Printers
1 It produces print on paper by striking mechanism. It produces print on paper with a non-striking mechanism
2 It uses pins, hammers or wheel to strike against an inked ribbon to print on a paper.. It uses laser, spray of special ink, or heat and pressure to print on paper. 
3 Normally impact printers use continuous paper sheet.  Non-Impact printers normally use individual paper sheets.
4 Impact printers are normally less expansive. Non-Impact printers are more expansive.
5 Print quality of impact printers is lower than those of non impact printers.. Print quality of Non-Impact printers is higher than those of impact printers.
6 Impact printers use special inked ribbons to produce print on paper when print head strikes. Non-Impact printers use toner or cartridge for printing on paper.
7 Impact printers are low speed printers. They consume a lot of time to print a document. Non-Impact printers are very fast, they can print many pages per minute.
8 Impact printers are very noisy because they strike print head. Non-Impact printers do not make a noise because they do not use striking mechanism in which print head strikes on ribbon and paper etc.
9 Examples of Impact printers are Dot matrix and daisy wheel printers. Examples of Non-Impact printers are laser printers and inkjet printers.
10 Impact printers use old printing technologies. Non impact printers use latest printing technologies.

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SAM said...

Well you can look at here difference between impact printer and non impact printer 

Unknown said...

You explained in a great way but it's just comparison.
You should add some detailed information like i found on Detailed difference between Impact Printer and Non Impact Printer.

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