Super Easy Short Computer Notes To Improve Computer Literacy and Your IT Skills

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Table Of Contents

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Following are the index of the contents for FREE Computer and Internet Training For Common People In Easy Steps:

Main Chapters / Topics

  • Introduction To Computer
  • Computer Hardware Concepts
  • Computer Software Concepts
  • Data, Information and Data Processing
  • Objective Type MCQs on Computers and Internet.  
  • Internet Technology Concepts
  • Prepare Interview Questions For Computer Jobs.  
  • Networks, Networking, Network Topologies
  • Learn To Create Your Own Website Through HTML
  • Operating Systems Basics
  • Email Know How.
  • Computer Security: Virus and Antivirus.

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Introduction To Computer
1.1 What is Computer
1.2 What are Characteristics of Computer
1.3 What are the basic units or components of a computer
1.4 What are Different Types of Computer
1.5 Write a note on Classification of Computers
1.6 What are the basic operations of a computer
1.7 Explain The Concept of A Computer System
1.8 What are uses of computer at Home
1.9 Uses Of Computer in Business Organizations
1.10 Uses Of Computer In Education Field
1.11 Uses Of Computer in Medical Field
1.12 Uses Of Computer In Industry
1.13 Uses Of Computer In Science
1.14 Differentiate between Analog and Digital Computers

Computer Hardware Concepts
2.1 What are Different Types of Hardware
2.2 What are Different Types of Input Devices
2.3 Explain Different Types Of Output Devices
2.4 Explain Parts of CPU and its Working
2.5 What are Dual Devices or Both Input/ Output Devices
2.6 What is RAM, Explain Different Types of RAM
2.7 What is ROM Explain Different Types of ROM
2.8 Discuss Differences Between RAM and ROM
2.9 Explain different types of storage devices
2.10 What are Pointing Input Devices
2.11 Different Types of Mouse Input Device
2.12 Types Of Scanners Input Device

Computer Software Concepts
3.1 Explain Computer Software With Examples
3.2 Explain Different Types of Software
3.3 System Software and Application Software:Differences
3.4 Customized and Packaged Software

Data, Data Processing, Information
4.1 Define Data and Information With Examples
4.2 Differences Between Data and Information
4.3 Explain Data Processing Cycle
4.4 Types of Data Processing
4.5 Electronic Data Processing In Business

5.1  Explain Internet and History of Internet
5.2  Services Of Internet
5.3  Advantages / Disadvantages Of Internet
5.4 Define Web Server, Web Browser, WWW, ISP

7.1 Introduction To Computer VIVA
7.2 Computer Hardware Test Interview VIVA
7.3 Computer Software VIVA
7.4 Computer Internet Test Interview Viva Voce
7.5 Computer Networks - Test Interview Viva Voce
7.6 Fundamentals of Data Processing - For Test, Interview

Networks and Networking
8.1 Explain Advantages Of Networks
8.2 Types Of Computer Networks
8.3 Differences between LAN and WAN
8.4 Bus Topology Advantages Disadvantages
8.5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Star Topology
8.6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Ring Network Topology
8.7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Tree Topology
8.8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Topology

HTML Create Your Own Website
9.1 Introduction To HTML

    -How To Create a Web Page In HTML
    -Basic Structure of HTML Document
    -Create Your First Web Page in HTML
9.2 Types Of Headings In HTML
9.3 Different Types of Text Formatting Tags in HTML
9.4 HTML Table Tag Basics
      -Attributes of Table Tag
      -Attributes of TR Tag in HTML Tables
      -Difference between Cellspacing and Cellpadding
      -Use Of Colspan and Rowspan in Tables HTML

Operating Systems
10.1 What is an Operating System?
10.2 Components of Operating System
10.3 Different Functions Of Operating Systems

Virus and Antivirus
  1. Top 7 Best Free Antivirus 2013 Research
  2. AVAST The Best Free Antivirus
  3. Managing Antivirus Software Properly
  4. Pakistanis Invented First PC Virus in 1986
  5. Explain Different Causes of Spread of Computer Virus
  6. Free AVG Antivirus Reliable Protection
  7. Avira Antivir Free Good Antivirus Software
  8. Download PANDA Cloud Antivirus Free
  9. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Plus Anti Spyware
  10. Microsoft Security Essentials Free Antivirus
  11. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
  12. Comodo Free Antivirus with Firewall



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